«A perfect balance between energy & melody»: this is how Italian trance DJ Marco PM describes his style. Through his successful mixes series, he explores all the infinite and beautiful shades of trance and progressive music.

Listening to trance since 2002, Marco PM has been showing his true and deep love for both DJing and trance music since 2004, when he released the first installments of his fortunate digital mixes series.
Popularity and appreciation from the listeners all over the world has become stronger year after year. From 2005 till 2007 his sets aired on the Italian national radio m2o. Since 2008, Marco PM's mixes have been aired on the trance stations of the most famous electronic music webradio: Digitally Imported Radio.

While Voices from Heaven and Nocte Borealis series enclose the finest vocal trance and progressive tunes out there, Marco PM shows his top-notch selection and mixing skills on the two successful, highly-acclaimed series Santorini Waves and Dream Melodies.
Natural complement of a sunny beach session, every volume of Santorini Waves is a unique journey through chillin' balearic atmosphere, progressive house sounds and trance vibes.
Dream Melodies brings trance to an upper level: the combination of pumping beats, heart-touching melodies and true emotional uplifters gives to the real trance lover a complete experience from beginning to end.

In 2016 Marco launched his new side alias Pax Meyzen, reserved for his more progressive, clubbing-oriented sets. The new alias came along with three brand new mixes series: Purple Mansion, dedicated to the most melodic progressive and big room house; White Mansion, with its aggressive and powerful electro house tunes; Blue Mansion, a unique fusion of big room and trance. Three dancefloor destroyers series, all distinguished by Marco's top-notch selections!

Marco PM's passion and love for trance are reflected in his livesets, where his first class selections and addictive music turn the dancefloor into an unforgettable night of dance and emotions.

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Marco PM Ponchia Facebook profile

I know: you were hoping to find a hot chick DJ's bio... here you are another nerd guy instead! Ahah! :P
I'm Marco, from Italy. Studying computer science at University, with a normal job and a huge love for good music.

Basically I'm a regular half nerd, half geek who wants to move outside Italy. I'm not feeling so much satisfied with my life - and my country with all its pros but also its many cons - right now, so I wanna change. I'm still not sure of what I wanna do and where I wanna go.

Meanwhile, one point has always been steady and clear for me: my true love for mixing and trance music.

The Mixes

I fell in love with trance music back in 2002, when a friend of mine helped me discovering this beautiful world of pumping beats combined with emotional melodies.
The old trance of the golden era (1999 till 2004) will always be the best, but trance of these days, in most of its different forms, has still a lot to give to the listener. It still brings its message of genuine emotions, universal freedom, love and harmony between people.

DJ Doboy's mixes have been my inspiration for making my own first mixes in 2004, and I never stopped since then.
I love creating mixes having something to say. Telling stories. Not generic tracks put randomly together, but emotional, uplifting, intense journeys. My approach is definitely quality over quantity, mixes for many listenings.
The process of selecting the songs and compiling a mix tracklist is quite long and strict: I listen to hundreds of songs every week, but I choose to play only those I really like and that I consider good enough to deserve a place in a mix. I believe this is a very distinctive and important element of my mixes!

Some mixes have got the chance of being aired on Digitally Imported Radio. That has been an important step for me and helped so much for letting people knowing my mixes. All the feedback and support I'm receiving from all over the world makes me feel so happy and helps me believing in what I'm doing :)

A good mix wouldn't be as good without the beautiful cover artworks of my Canadian friend James. Not only James is a skilled graphic designer, but he has the unique gift of translating on visual art his feelings while listening to music. Together we try to create the cover that can best represent the story that each mix wants to tell.

All the mixes are free to listen and download as I'm not mixing for money but just for passion. Spread the word, spread the music! I always need your support to keep going.
If you truly wish to donate some cash, however, you can send them directly to James, specially if you like his beautiful artworks: donate here.


Cover artworks: James Kurczaba

Voiceovers: Anthya

Download servers (space and bandwidth): Manuel Bräuer, Timo Wolke, Dave Jansen

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email: marco@marcopm.net

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